value added

fluorescent pink acrylic1, blue acrylic2, copper leaf3, high-density polyethelene4, beach firewood5, epoxy resin6 and black resin dye7, camphor8, PVC9, drywall screws10, paper11, pushpins12, Redi-Slip Remembrance playing card13

22in. x 22in. x 9in.

1 Bought at a discount from the nice lady at D&G Plastics that she had initially ordered for Arthur but he hadn’t purchased all of which she seemed slightly put off about.
2 Bought by weight from Altec plastics out of the drops bin, which the salesman was excited to tell me was scrap from their recent job of fabricating the anchor’s desk at Boston’s WHDH Local News.
3 Bought from Plaza after I gold-leafed Michael’s throne sculpture and decided I wanted to use it but that copper was better than gold because of its relationship to Arizona and the potential for it to oxidize turquoise, which it didn’t.
4 Given to me by Anthony as I was moving out of the studio, which I was excited about because it was much thicker than anything I had found at Trident and was jealous of his find and a bit resentful because I had told him about the dumpster to begin with, and felt that he owed me.
5 From a pile I found out at Herring Cove, which I was compelled to drive to by Alex when he was visiting and wanted to see some of “cape cod’s sublime oceans”, which I felt a little guilty for not really wanting to do, but ultimately was glad we went.
6 Given to me as a gift for helping a stressed and departing Arthur quickly move his studio and house into a cramped POD after he realized he was being optimistic with how many of his belongings he could actually keep.
7 Bought from Woodcraft for too much money and felt guilty over.
8 Scraps from James’ guitar-making days, unsuccessfully traded in part of another larger package deal with him for an as yet undelivered wooden Buddha, tuxedo, or tuba, none of which I seem to be able to find.
9 Retrieved after hours from the Trident Plastics dumpster after the good old boy owner told me I could hit it up because he “thought I was alright” but not to tell anyone else.
10 Admittedly bought from Lowe’s.
11 Cut from the last page of the September 1975 National Geographic with the holographic Australopithecus skull on the cover, two copies of which I had found at the Truro Swap Shop.
12 Taken out of a coffee can from the Fine Arts Work Center woodshop.
13 From a deck of commemorative WWII playing cards I purchased for fifty cents from the Provincetown Episcopal Church’s thrift sale, an act that felt slightly indulgent as the sale took place in the same room as their soup kitchen.